Vaping is costing your life and companies get rich – Just like tobacco.

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In E-Cigarette Vapor

In a letter published in the January 22, 2015 issue New England Journal of Medicine, researchers suggest that a “masked” form of formaldehyde is present in the condensed liquid from e-cigarette vapor in concentrations much higher than in cigarette smoke. The scientists call it masked because it is a slightly different form of formaldehyde—one that they feel is more likely to be deposited on delicate lung tissue, once inhaled.

Formaldehyde levels in the blood tend to be less than they are with cigarettes. The average measured is approximately 1mg, but this is dependent in part on the heat setting of the electronic cigarette device being use to administer the e-cigarette vapor and the amount inhaled.

Ayahuasca Ceremony – A few people needed to complete the group – Drop us a message if your interested.

-12Days -1Hours -19Minutes -24Seconds

We have access to a private Ayahuasca ceremony taking place around the days 12th, 13th,14th and the 15th of June. I know it’s very little notice but if you are able and free to attend then you should grab this chance. You will be joining a very small, friendly group of individuals, some of which have already experienced the journey before and are going back for their second session. Others will be taking part for the first time.

You will leave the UK on your chosen date to arrive in Barcelona and meet up to attend either all or just one of the nights available. Accommodation is very cheap in Barcelona  if your willing to be adventurous and cut costs by using the very comfortable and accommodating hostels then costs are cut dramatically. We can  recommend an excellent hostel that we have used mulitple times.

I won’t go on with myself about how powerful and life-changing these ceremonies are  as you have the ability and tools to figure that out for yourself.

Ayahuasca ceremonies are becoming more and more popular and will continue to do so. Prices will rise and opportunities like this one will become harder to find.

If you are interested then please just let us know by sending us your details below and someone will call you.

Don’t worry if you miss this one, leave your details and we will include you in the next one …

Thanks again.





How to change your perspective ? Do you think your ready to be free ?

Changing perspective is not a simple task. Yes, you’ve just realised you been tricked into clicking here.

333Days 01Hours 02Minutes 22Seconds

That’s because you were just lost in your own perspective.  Now that your out, clear your eyes, ask yourself , do you need to break free and gain your own perspective with great clarity and insight needed to fuel your understanding of who and what we are and be prepared and assured in every way that you are doing the right thing for everyone and sending love everywhere with your every action?

That’s a pretty intense perspective change to experience.

Now look back on at your life…..

Get your perspective right and life your life the way you were meant too.

Reading and watching aren’t enough, it’s time to experience, Find your inner warrior, meet the master…


Download release forms here

Getting financial rewards for taking part is a little perk of the game. Whether you need it or not it’s yours and you should claim it. We are not eligible to accept any payments on your behalf unless you have completed a release form.

Below are the links to these forms.

We can promote you using a variety of platforms like Shutter stock for example. Some of these platforms require their own forms to be completed before they themselves are able to accept payment.

Please download the latest shutter stock form, print it or edit it using your desired software. Fill in your part of the form and leave the rest blank.

We have included our own form below as this gives us more options to promote and earn you more money on other platforms like You tube.

Thank you

Shaun UMP

Shutter Stock Release forms:

  1. Standard Adult Release Form
  2. Minor Release Form
  3. Property Release Form

Unidogma Standard Release Forms:

  1. Standard Release Form
  2. Minor Release Form
  3. Property Release Form
  4. Location Release Form

please only fill in the relevant sections that refer to yourself. We mainly need your name, Address and signature.

After downloading, printing or editing the documents. Please return them to

Please put your name in the subject box thank you.


Dancing in the streets – Music video for 2019

We are looking for people of all ages to take part in a music video that will be nominated for a Spanish summer no1 hit. If you are interested please fill in the form below.

remember this is a volunteer request so no money will exchange hands.

You will be required to spend some time dancing with a larger group of people to an unknown track. The music will be added later. If anyone has a music box that they could bring along to lighten the mood then your welcome to bring it.

We will be recording for about 25 mins only in different location through Manchester city, mainly the Piccadilly area near the fountains.

You will be required to sign a release form and your name will be addressed to the credits of the film.

Thanks for your time and we hope to hear from you soon.



Homeless for Xmas – Government not helping – Family not looking

As much as it hurts for people to talk about or acknowledge, homelessness is a very hard and real fact of life.

Everyday is a struggle for people on the streets having to think about things that we just take for granted.

We want to alert the public about whats going on in those peoples lives that most of us just happy walk past at our local supermarket.

We convince ourselves it’s something we cant change or help. We tell ourselves that all homeless people are taking drugs and simply don’t want to help themselves.

A very high percentage of homeless people today are there because of how our system works or doesn’t work. They end up in this position for all kinds of reasons, depressions, dug addiction, mental illness and many others.

We ignore these reasons and class them all the same so we can carry on with our happy lives.

How happy are you with this situation? There is enough space on this planet to give everyone their own house and land. Our monetisation system and slave like society approach is failing drastically.

If you would like to make real changes using the power of video media and the internet then we want to hear from you. If you know of anyone who is homeless for whatever reason then please send them our way. We need to reach out to people and make a difference.

Reach out to that homeless person you see everyday and ak them if they would like to help others avoid the pitfalls that has lead them to this homeless life on the streets.

Click get involved – Thanks –

We are looking for anyone who has had experience with Child Access law.

You may of lost all contact or are about to with your children from a past relationship or marriage.

It may be related to mental health, homelessness or involvement with drugs directly or indirectly.

If you are a male then you will know how difficult a path you have ahead of you to simply just have minimal contact with you children.

You may have had the social healthcare system try and intervene only to make things worse for you.

You may be suffering from depression or anxiety which has led to you being classed as unfit to be around your children.

Whatever your story we would love to hear about it.

Please fill in the “get involved” form and let us know your story.

Thank you

Ayahuasca – Take part in our private ceremony film production for VICE’S four part documentary.



The time is up – You may still be in with a chance. Email

We are currently looking for anyone who is interested in taking part in a Ayahuasca ceremony this December the 6th/7th to the 10th in Barcelona, Pedraforca Mountains.

VICE TV producers are in the production stages of a four part documentary covering the stages of the Ayahuasca medicine.

You will be responsible for yourself.

You will be required to be in the company of VICE TV Channel 4.

You will be required to sign a release form for Unidogma Productions to use the footage on Social Media and Youtube.

You can agree to be filmed during your time through the ceremony. (not mandatory, face blurring available)

You will be part of a small private Ayahuasca ceremony hosted by The Shaman Kirtan who will also be performing his musical aid which is profoundly part of your experience.

You will be responsible for your own travel costs to Barcelona.

Accomadation is Included and food.

You will be responsible for the cost of the medicine which will be at an exclusive special price for this occasion only.

Total costs:

130 EUROS per session of Ayahuasca (food and accommodation included)

If you decide to only take part in one ceremony then you will only be paying 30 euros for accommodation and food for the remaining days.

You are required to take part in at least one of the three available ceremonies.

This offer suits anyone who is looking to experience the magic of Ayahuasca at an extremely low price.

These types of ceremony retreats can normally cost  around a thousand pounds or more.

Don’t delay, there are limited places as this is a private one off event that will not be repeated.

If you are interested in taking part in this experience before December this year 2018 then please fill in the form below and choose the Ayahuasca check box.

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